By Don Stewart

Don Stewart

There has been so much said over and over about Eddy's accomplishments in the music field, and his respect for his fellow man.  We all want to contribute something to his great legacy... and wish he would achieve the honors he more than deserves.  Through his great voice ,  and humble beginning....he has never forgotten how he reached such great heights.

It was a combination of his smooth voice... and style in singing , all these wonderful songs.  But it was mainly the way he treated his loyal fans...that brought him to the top, and who bought over 85 million of his records.   He has never forgot this...and has mentioned it many a time.   Saying once ..."These people have come to see me, and they deserve the best I can offer them."  As a child he was very poor... working in the fields of his family farm.

But Eddy loved singing , and set out to establish a better way of life for himself.   In the beginning he hooked up with Pee Wee King as his lead singer.   But soon realized his dream was to sing solo...and soon went out on his own.    The rest is just history, in the way he took both Country, and later the Pop field by storm.  Knocking one hit after another out...and at one time having 6 out of the 10 top Country hits in the charts.  Is is almost unbelievable to fathom that he has recorded 1,107 songs in his outstanding career.   Also that his very first 71 releases charted.   Plus his Bouquet of Roses topped the charts longer than any other Country song.  He has receive numerous awards over more than a 1/2 century of singing.

It is something to think about...the talent this man has.  He is the only singer dead or alive to have charted in 7 straight decades.  Back in 1991 in a televised Ralph Emery show...Ralph told the world that Eddy had charted 147 times.  Even humble Eddy didn't know he achieved this remarkable plateau.  But it didn't stop there....in late 1999 with a new rendition of Cattle Call, with up and coming star Lee Ann Rimes...he charted again!!!

To everyone's amazement...this song carried over into 2000 where it briefly charted again.  Thus making him the only person in this world...or "HIS WORLD"...to chart in 7 straight decades...at 148 charted songs.    If that isn't enough he did this last feat at the age of 81 in 1999.  This was done after he retired from performing his last show at The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas on May 16, 1999.  Eddy is a very wealthy man through much hard work over the years...but ALWAYS has time for his Fans...and fellow man.

Speaking of Eddy Arnold the man...he recently said, "I want to give the rest of my life to my lovely wife Sally...she spent many many years with me being away"  Eddy and Sally will celebrate their 61 wedding Anniversary this coming Nov. 28, 2002.  Dr. Richard Edward Arnold...as he is referred to now, after receiving an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the prestigious  Washington College in Chestertown, MD on September 6, 2001.  But all his fans just love to call him just plain "Eddy"!!   His awards are to numerous to mention and have been repeated over and over again.

It is interesting to note...when Chet Atkins died they announced it on the news.   Stating that he produced for many people ...such as Elvis... Ray Orbison...and others.    Others???...what about Eddy?   This peaked my interest, so I looked it up in Michael Streissguth's biography on Eddy... {Eddy Arnold Pioneer of the Nashville Sound}.  In this sessionography I counted 86 sessions produced by Chet.  If there is anyone out there including the Media who knows of any artist Chet produced more for than Eddy...I'd sure like to know their name.   Yet Eddy's name was omitted by the media when they announced artist Chet had produced for.

 If any of you haven't met Eddy in person and see what a class man he really is...you are missing out on a great treat.  So much has been said about all his accomplishments.   But we Eddy Arnold fans know it was his remarkable voice...style... and a GREAT human being that brought him to such great heights.   It shouldn't be a question of weather he should be awarded The Kennedy Art Center Award...the question should be... what took them so long?.   Eddy jokingly said once after receiving an award..."They must think I'm going to die...with all these awards given me".    Eddy ...your one of a kind...I'm glad to say in my lifetime I met you.   God Bless You and Sally...Don Stewart

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