Comments By Stan Towers, Alberta, Canada

Stan Towers with Eddy Arnold in Eddy's office in Brentwood, Tennessee

Hello Eddy Arnold Fans:

Eddy Arnold---where does one begin! I have been so fortunate over the years to have met this legend.

In fact, let me use the words "friend" and "gentleman."

Yes, a giant of the music industry took time once again to make my personal memories sparkle.

I guess it was October 25, 1996 we sat in his Brentwood, Tennessee Office discussing songs that were being recorded for his soon to be released new Christmas album.

He casually turned to his cassette player upon the shelf and soon we were "previewing" two new tracks that he had just completed for the album before their final mixing.

WOW! Here I am with Mr. Arnold listening to music like I was back home on a Sunday!

Only you true Eddy Arnold fans will understand my feelings of the moment. Yes, it came from the heart.

I was very fortunate to have experienced and shared this common bond of music with a true legend in my time.

Stan Towers
Box 5
Lougheed Alberta, Canada TOB 2VO

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