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(This webpage updated December 01, 2001)

Dear Eddy Arnold Fans Worldwide:

Please join me in an absolute labor of love to honor one of the most prolific entertainers the world has known.

Eddy has touched the lives of countless millions throughout his career, spanning seven decades.

For fourteen years I've written hundreds of letters in an effort to see him receive national recognition.  It's high time, before he passes on to his reward, that our nation honor his gift to us.

Assist me in securing two different and exclusive accolades for him.  Write your brief  letters of support  to:

(1)  President Bush
      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
      Washington, D. C. 20500

So that Eddy would receive a coveted Presidential Medal of Freedom.
This is the highest civilian award the United States of America can bestow upon someone for outstanding lifetime achievement.

(2)  The Kennedy Center Honors
       c/o John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
       Washington, D. C.  20566

This is a gala celebration televised on TV once every year.  Honorees are voted on by the center's trustees.
The President of the United States always attends.  This is a premier awards ceremony.  Only America's greatest talents are selected.

With your letters of support, I strongly believe this could happen in the year 2002.  We need to move on these because time passes rapidly.  The longer it doesn't happen, the greater the chances are that it won't.

Let's show Eddy Arnold how much he has meant to our lives and country.  His life has been a gift to us all.

But more importantly,  his career has shattered so many records.  He's the only artist in any genre of music to be at the No. 1 position for 145 weeks,  career total.  And it was Eddy who took country music out of the barn into concert halls across the U.S.A.  and Europe.  Even the Songwriters Guild of  America honored him with the coveted Presidents Award.  "Calling him a song stylist supreme, are of the 3 or 4 most influential song stylist of all time."

The first Nashville-based artist on network TV 1949.

The first Nashville-based artist to introduce the Nashville Sound at Carnegie Hall - May 1966.

The first bona fide country crossover artist.  Thus he's the one who put country music on the pop charts.

The first Nashville-based artist to appear in America's major cities backed by a full symphony orchestra.

This from coast to coast, in Phoenix, Dallas, Hartford, etc.

He and Elvis built RCA records.  He sold over 89 million records!

For this reason and more, please write these letters.  It will touch Eddy's heart to know we care so much.

I fell in love with the voice of Eddy Arnold around 69 or 70.  My oldest sister had won a stereo and had to
purchase a certain amount of lps.  Mom wanted Eddy Arnold and the record they bought was "The Everlovin'
World Of Eddy Arnold."  Certainly a superb selection of great songs for a first time listener.  The songs really
blew that ten year old away.  Little did I know that the songs on that lp were written by some of the most
gifted writers in the entire music industry.  There was "Dear Heart "by the legendary Henry Mancini, Mel Tillis
and Wayne Walker's classic "All The Time", Rod Mckuens "The World I use to know", Bob Tuberts "Sharas Song", in short an incredible offering of music.  I must have worn that lp out.

In 1971 Eddy was to appear at the Old Orlando Sports Stadium, perhaps the worse venue to play in America.  A
corrugated barn built for rodeos but where the big ones had to play if they came to the "City
Beautiful."  At any rate I didn't get to go due to my mother's sister being ill and mom having to go north
to see her one last time.  I was heartbroken but 14 years later we drove 90 miles to see him in
Clearwater, Florida at one of the nicest theatres around, Ruth Eckerd Hall.  The wait was worth it as Eddy
Arnold was the best I have ever seen and I have seen  many of the so-called "greats".  Both shows were
sellouts that day.
I pretended like I was a flower delivery man with an order for "Eddy Arnold?"  They let me in and I delivered them!!!  Later the theatre manager and security guard told me that sure was innovative!! I never got to really meet him until he returned to the Orlando area in 92.  We were invited backstage.  I was so impresses by the way Mr.  Arnold handles the meet and greets.  He is very cordial and when Jerry Purcell told him we must go I heard Eddy reply "These people have waited to see me!!!  He returned for one final Central Florida
engagement.  We went and again were mesmerized by the Arnold magic. We have all been richly blessed by his life of music that will endure long after we are gone. Thank you Eddy.  I wish you knew how many hours I have
spent listening to you sing of the heartaches and highs of love and life.  They way you touch a song well in my book words from a dictionary don't do you justice!!! I still thrill every time I listen to his Bill Walker arranged songs.  I love all Eddy's songs but particularly those of Mr.  Walker.  I think he was an integral part of the Eddy Arnold success story. When I was growing up and to this day I am a circus historian.  Funny thing that one of the greatest outdoor showman that was a dear friend to me knew Eddy during
his Camel Caravan days.  Hoxie Tucker owned Hoxie Bros.Circus based in Miami, FL.  This terrific mud show played my little hometown during the mid sixties and early 70s.  Hoxie and Colonel Tom Parker were best of friends.  The Col. offered Hoxie a chance to co manage Elvis.  This is verified in the 1972 March National Geographic Magazine.  Hoxie had booked opry stars and chartered a plane to get them back to Nashville for their weekly shows.  He was tired of booking shows.  He once said he made a lot of quarters but lost a lot on
Elvis. Hoxie and Eddy reunited in Orlando after Eddy's first show in this area since 71.  It had been close to 45
years.  Hoxie said it doesn't look like Eddy.  To which his grand daughter replied Grandpa that was a long time
ago.  It was neat to hear Eddy say Hoxie and they chatted while Eddy left the buliding.  Hoxie like Eddy
is a hall of famer if you will.  He was inducted into the International Circus Hall of Fame this past
summer.  The era Eddy and Hoxie come up in really produced some incredible people.  I thank god for them
both touching my life.

God Bless you all.
William C. Shoop
2540 North John Young Parkway #40
Kissimmee, Florida 34741
E-mail address:

Attention Eddy Arnold Fans:
Let's all make a concerted effort to write these letters and help Eddy receive these awards.  Thank you, Bill Shoop, for calling this information to our attention.
Bill Comer


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