I’d Trade All of My Tomorrows For Just One More Yesterday

Standing in the wind on this warm summer day remembering our time together
Holding on to this memory forever… and you are gone now
Never again shall I touch your warmth
Never again will each day be complete
I’d trade all of my tomorrows for just one more yesterday

Standing in the wind of this warm summer day, I see a memory
Through the breeze in the trees I hear your voice
I feel your presence in the sky up above
My heavy heart endures deepest regrets
Hopelessness I cannot dispose of
As I hang my head in despair,
I realize that….
I’d trade all of my tomorrows for just one more yesterday

                                                                                                     Kathy Cunningham-Young

Tennessee Mountains

Something draws me to these mountains
This place of such unique beauty
The smell of pine air, rivers and streams that flow
Its foliage, wildlife and snow covered hills brings forth such tranquility…in these Tennessee Mountains

In summertime, the warmest time
I feel a yearning to be here once again
Gazing across the miles of this beautiful land
To breathe in deep the fresh pine air
To lay next to a trickling creek…in these Tennessee Mountains

As I sit here upon this large rock in the middle of a stream
Shaped smooth from the seasons of time
Mountains surrounding me, sun upon my face and body and
warming my soul, I am in another world time cannot touch…in these Tennessee Mountains

I listen and dream in serenity, and I think of Him.
I feel His presence in this timeless place of beauty,
A place loved so much.
He is here through the sun, air, and water and in our hearts…in these Tennessee Mountains

In these mountains we are as close to God as one can be
I want to melt into His peace and feel it forever
Becoming an eternal spirit with Him… in these Tennessee Mountains

                                  Kathy (Cunningham) Young

Tennessee Warmth

There is a chill in the air now in Tennessee
The wind blows invisible needles into my skin, as I stand on the porch alone

It is October and…
I still wear shorts as if my tan legs are souvenirs of sunny warm days just passed
Somehow I must crawl back to the sun but it is autumn and I am cold

I cry! Oh where is the warmth that just a moment ago, so it seems, gave me life

The leaves bright colors stare at me
They mesmerize me
Their beauty gives me hope
But reminds me that summer is gone in Tennessee

My tan will fade soon
No more reminders
Seasons will go on as I go on
Waiting for the warmth of summer again…in Tennessee

                                                                                   Kathy Cunningham-Young
                                                                Copyright 2001