August 31, 2001
From: Tom Kincaid
Hometown: Northboro, MA 01532

I enter this message not so much as a fan of Mr. Arnold, but rather as a former employee of the man. It was my esteemed honor to have worked with him from May of 1974 through November of 1978. I have never worked for a better person in my life. He was, throughout my tenure with him, always a kind and polite man to work for. In the music profession, there are many stories of stars who have treated people poorly. At no time was that ever the case with Mr. Arnold: he was kind to everyone, his people, as well as his fans and anyone he came into contact with.

It was never more true that the attitudes of the people within an organization filters down from the top. Eddy set the tone, and everyone was treated (and we all treated each other) with great respect. Mr. Arnold didn't "put on airs". Eddy was always Eddy - on stage, off stage, travelling, at rehearsals, wherever we were. He was always just himself.

I have many fond memories of the time I spent with the Eddy Arnold organization, from the people I met to the clubs we played - first class all the way. And it is truly an honor for me to now be able to look back on those times and tell people, "I performed with Eddy Arnold!"

I had a view of Mr. Arnold that few (if any) fans could ever have. And trust me when I say that this is one of the finest (if not the finest) men that has ever lived. His honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. I was only in my early to mid twenties when I was so fortunate as to have this association. And it has had a lasting positive impact on me and my life.

I wish to express my deep heartfelt gratitude for all I learned from Mr. Arnold and from the experience of being a travelling musician with the best show to hit the stage: The Eddy Arnold Show!

Tom Kincaid
Former Drummer