Comments By Ernie Mabrey

    I am perhaps an outsider compared to most of you, in that I am not a heavy-duty Eddy Arnold fan like you all are. I am a record collector who likes musical styles across the spectrum, as well as a collector who keeps his eye out at flea markets, thrift stores, and record stores for scarce records and bargains.  My introduction to Eddy Arnold records came back in June 1995 when I found a 45 RPM title sleeve to "Texarkana Baby", RCA 48-0001, that I have not found in the regular record price guides, and so Bill Comer is posting a photo on this site - I hope someone can give me information on its origin.

    In July 1997, at an outdoor flea market, I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the early RCA green vinyl 45s of songs like "Texarkana Baby" (48-0001), "Cattle Call" (48-0136), "I'm Throwing Rice" (48-0138), "You Know How Talk Gets Around" (48-0137), and "My Daddy is Only a Picture" (48-0026) - they were all in beautiful condition for $1 each!  And great songs, too!  I also am a collector of mono LPs from the 1960s, because many of these are far scarcer than most folks realize.  And, that led me to my latest find on August 20, when I was in a New Jersey record store.  I was flipping through the albums in the country section, and came across a mono copy of the 1968 "The Romantic World of Eddy Arnold" (LPM-4009).  I didn't know the Eddy Arnold discography well enough to know if this was scarce at the time; I only knew that the 4009 in the label number was an extremely high number for an RCA mono LP, so I knew it must've been one of the last LPs that RCA issued in mono. The record dealer charged me a little more than $3 for the LP.  When I got home and looked through my Goldmine price guides, this album wasn't even listed in mono.  So that's when I contacted Bill Comer through this site, and found out that this was a pretty scarce record.

Ernie:  Another rare mono album is "The Everlovin' World of Eddy Arnold."  It was released in 1968 in both stereo and mono.  (LPM-3931 and LSP-3931)  I have not been able to find the mono version of it but there are many of the stereo versions available.  Thank you for finding a copy of "The Romantic World of Eddy Arnold" LPM-4009 for me.  I have been searching for this album for many years.  Bill Comer

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