Bill Comer, Lou Grasmick and Eddy Arnold 2001

                         Eddy Arnold is a solitary rider on the
                    range of love.  With a country boy's naiveté
                    and a quiet sophistication, he sings of the
                    good things in life...God, country, wife,
                    sweetheart, children and his love for his
                    fellow man.
                          He reaches out to touch the hand but
                    ties up the heart, almost as if he had used
                    a lariat.
                          For over fifty years, as a fan and close
                    friend, I have borne the mark of Eddy Arnold's
                    branding iron.
                          Lou Grasmick
                          Baltimore, Maryland

(Liner notes from the MGM album M3G 4992-
The Wonderful World of Eddy Arnold)

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