By Doris Lewis

This photo of Eddy and Doris  was taken on August 19, 2003 at Eddy's Office in Brentwood

Hi to all Eddy Arnold Fans !!!

I have been a fan of the GREAT Eddy Arnold, longer than I care to admit. What a great discovery it was to find Bill Comer's web site, devoted to this Great Man.    Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would have the privilege of meeting him in his Brentwood office.  Up to this point in time, my only encounter with him was when I attended one of his concerts in Asbury Park, N.J. in 1965 - 66.    It was at this concert, along with my sister -in -law, that Eddy sang his newest song,  "Make The World Go Away".

But sometimes dreams do come true...and with the help of a close friend, I was put in touch with Roberta Edging.  Every Eddy Arnold fan knows of Eddy's beloved secretary Roberta.  Roberta is a wonderful person and is very protective of Eddy's privacy....but she made it all happen for us.  We had little trouble finding Eddy's office.....which is in the rear upstairs room of the building he owns.  The only connecting image of that famous Arnold on a sign high up on the rear of this building that states "Arnold Real Estate".  The downstairs front of the building is leased out to a State Farm Agency.  On the outside door to his office are the big letters EA....the only discernible way to mark his office....yet maintain some sort of privacy.

We...{the three of us} which included my sister -in-law, nephew, and myself, were greeted cordially by Roberta.  Upon entering his office we saw walls filled with plaques, pictures, and awards he had received through his long career.   Roberta said, { Dr. Eddy } he prefers to be called Eddy...was out getting some affairs in order.  But would soon be arriving at his office shortly.   When he arrived, I was awe struck as I'm sure many others have been of their first meeting with Eddy.  But for me, that is something else...but that's what Eddy does to most of us.   I introduced my family to him...and he graciously shook our hands as he welcomed us.   I blurted out that we were all great fans of his...and signed his guest book on Bill Comer's site.  Both he, and Roberta, expressed their appreciation for the fine web site he maintans...and what a wonderful person Bill Comer truly is.

I hesitantly asked Eddy to autograph a Tennessee "T" shirt...which he agreed very politely.   While clearing off a table we noticed some plans of land Eddy owned, and was planning on selling.   He mentioned he purchased this land several years ago, when he and his wife Sally attended an antique auction.   I asked him if his wife had purchased any antiques....he chuckled saying....."Of course".   Roberta then brought out pictures of Eddy, that he also autographed for the three of us.   Then Eddy called our attention to his wall that along with all the plaques awards, etc. I mentioned... to show us his collection of dogs.   Eddy pointed out most of these were sent in by his fans of their dogs....of course one picture was of a dog Eddy had owned many years ago.  My nephew took several pictures of us posing with Eddy...which I'll treasure forever.   Just before leaving, I mentioned I had been to the Country Music Hall Of Fame several years ago.   He perked up saying...."You should be sure to go see it now".   They did a wonderful job with my items....I'm very please with it.

Our visit that was never rushed, came to and end all to soon, after about 45 minutes.   It was then... that Eddy escorted us to the the true gentleman he is.  We, {I}... found Eddy to be very compassionate, but a professional man.  With a sharp mind, a subtle sense of humor, and truly a wonderful person.   It definitely was a dream come true for all three of us.  My family was just as excited as I was...and greatly impressed with this GREAT Man.    I can never thank Roberta, and my friend enough, for making this great moment happen.
Doris Lewis.

Eddy in his office at Brentwood on August 19, 2003
Courtesy of Doris Lewis

Doris:  Many thanks for sharing this experience with us.  Fans are anxious to read articles like this one.  Thank you Don Stewart for asking Doris to  share her experience in meeting with Eddy and Roberta.      Bill Comer