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Eddy Arnold, At His Desk in Brentwood 
On July 13, 1999

Eddy Arnold, Bob Daisey in Eddy's 
Office, July 13, 1999

7 August, 1999

During my vacation in Nashville, Tennessee last month armed with an address and a map of Nashville I headed out to Brentwood a nearby suburb in search of my all time favorite singer and entertainer the Legendary Eddy Arnold. To my surprise I located his office fairly easily although from the road it is not marked in any way. I can understand why he doesnít advertise his presence because it would be difficult to work if he did.

This particular day turned out to be one I wonít forget as his long time secretary Roberta Edging met me with a warm welcome. She recognized my name when I introduced myself from previous letters and cards from me to Mr. Arnoldís office and invited me in and talked with me for quite sometime. Since Mr. Arnold wasnít in at the time I later left and came back in the afternoon. When he did come in he immediately extended his hand and greeted me in his friendly manner. Having met him twice in the past very briefly but never being able to really talk with him I was hoping this time I could and after a few short minutes he put me so at ease in his disarming manner I found myself talking to this great man like regular folks which is truly what he is. Having spent the better part of an hour with him we touched on a number of topics including his various performances in different parts of the country where I had seen him perform, his autobiography from 1969, where I lived and what I did for a living before retiring and even the major surgery I had some years ago which proves to me this man cares about his fans and has a keen interest in them. During the course of our conversation his Farewell Performance in Vegas came up and he remembered and mentioned that Bill Comer and his son Bruce the founders of this Website were in attendance. He also mentioned that Pee Wee King and Little Roy Wiggins, his former Steel Guitarist were in ill health and that Roy was living over in East Tennessee. Unfortunately Mr. Wiggins passed away since my visit with Eddy Arnold and I know he will be sadly missed by all that knew and appreciated his musical skills.

Eddy Arnold talked about his long career mentioning that he had been out there a long time and it was time that somebody entertained him. He talked a bit about his boat and his love of spending time on it. I found him to be one of the most friendly and gracious people I have ever met. I often mentioned how I had been a fan all my life and he would always respond with I really appreciate that and I could tell that he really did. He was happy to pose for pictures and I was never made to feel like I had to hurry. I left his office at my own leisure and as he extended his hand for a final handshake I told him he had truly made my day and perhaps even my year as he just laughed in that friendly good natured way of his. Eddy Arnold is a warm friendly human being and the finest entertainer this country has ever known and I am so proud to have spent this time with him sitting in front of his desk talking man to man.

For all you fans not aware of it he will have a new CD coming out in the fall and as I told him I will be one of the first in line to get it and I suggest all of you do the same because you know it is going to be great after all itís being sung by the great man himself, Eddy Arnold

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Eddy Arnold's Prize Catch And Awards As
Displayed On His Office Wall


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