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 Virginia and Eddy, Starlite Music Theater, Latham, NY,   July 11, 1973
      Virginia, Eddy and Peggy, Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, NJ, 1974 
Virginia and Eddy in Eddy's Office in Brentwood, Tennessee, 1991 
     Eddy and Virginia, Baltimore, 1996 or 1997
     Virginia and Eddy, Harrah's,    Atlantic City, New Jersey
 Virginia, Eddy and Viola, Valley Forge Music Fair Theater, Devon, PA. 1996

Hello Eddy Arnold Fans:

I am going to take a "trip down memory lane" and place on this web page my comments about Eddy Arnold.

I listen to his songs all the time...after hearing him on the radio, (Country) which I didn't care too much for it, but learned to appreciate it...if it were not for Eddy I would not have listened to country music.

I can still picture him on The Kraft Music Hall, Stand Up and Cheer and other shows and make the comment to my friends "My dream is to meet Eddy Arnold and see him perform in person."

That dream came true on July 11, 1973, Latham, NY...he appeared for the first time at our Summer Theater...before doing the show he was interviewed by David Allen and I was there...Back then Eddy would do 5 nights and after each show sign autographs for ever one for how ever long it took.  As time went on he did not do that many shows and eventually cut down on signing autographs for everyone...I don't how he did it for so many years...I admired him for that.

I was lucky because I was able to go back stage to see him after every show...and stand back and watch him and he was always friendly, smiling and willing to have pictures taken with his fans.  A few times we stayed at the same Motel and had a chance to get to talk to him and Jerry...Eddy is like a sponge when it comes to learning...and I once heard a woman say that in life we should explore, experiment. experience and excite and I believe that is Eddy's motto and that is why he achieved all that he did because of that we enjoy.

When I met Eddy for the first life was changing and it was a difficult time for me...I would listen to his recordings and it helped me make it through the day...also making plans every summer to see him in concert also helped.  I have read the comments from other fans and many of them who were going through some bad times also said that listening to his music helped them too for whatever reasons.

Eddy's shows were pretty much the same all the time but it didn't matter...I knew just what was next, the songs, the jokes, etc. but I and all of the audience would still laugh at them and when he sang his romantic songs we were all mesmerized and silent no matter how big the theater was...and to me it was like it was the first time I saw his show.

I must tell you about our audience with Eddy when we were at the Cape...Jack Lawrence who was his conductor back then and a beautiful person, everyone loved him, escorted us (my friend Peggy and I) to Eddy's room and we all spent over an hour with thrilling to be able to get to know the man behind the music...he was so gracious, we covered many subjects. We all know Eddy enjoys a good laugh and we did a lot of that but, of course, you know there is also a serious side and we covered that we also know he keeps a low profile...he works hard and yet has the ability for front of us was a beautiful tray with cheese, crackers, candy, fruits, etc. and whatever you wanted to sum it all up...a nice guy!  I still have the wine glass that...should I say was given to me.

I would travel anywhere I could to see Eddy perform...even as far as Las Vegas...I also went to Birmingham, AL to a concert...a tribute to give thanks to the Medical Team and everyone else who took care of Eddy's son, Richard, after his accident.  I was also in Atlantic City on May 15, 1983...went to a dinner show and then back stage for Eddy's 65th birthday party.

I was at the Cape many, many years ago, I was in a restaurant with friends and we were listening to different songs on the jukebox and then Eddy Arnold singing Make The World Go Away...I knew then and there that would be my favorite song and it still is.

Another favorite was Butterfly...Jack Lawrence also liked it and my granddaughter who is now 23 years old...was only 3 and when I played Butterfly she would sing along with Eddy.

I will not repeat all the comments made on the web site about him only to say I totally agree with all of them.  I am so lucky to have been able to get to see him once a year since 1973...the last time was Valley Forge, PA.  I ask myself  "What have I done to deserve even one of the pleasures I've known."

If you can make it to Carnegie can make it anywhere and he did that and more!
What more can I say about Eddy Arnold ...except to thank him...having been Blessed with a gift for singing and entertaining us for so many years and because of that myself and all of his fans have so much to be thankful for.

Eddy, we love you and wish for you many more years of good health, happiness, peace and whatever else you are wishing for!  God Bless you and your Family.

I tell all my buddies about this web site. It's the best on the Internet.  Bill Comer and his family are to be commended for all their hard work.  Thank you.  Virginia

Eddy Arnold Fans:  You may e-mail Virginia at the following address.  She would like to hear from other fans.


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