Mike Freda Comments

Mike Freda - January 09, 1999
City and State: Belleville, N.J.
Favorite Country Artist?: Eddy Arnold
Rate this site?: Excellent
The new look to the site looks great and I am deeply impressed on how the site keeps on getting better! If there is ever an award for the Eddy Arnold fan of the year, you should get the lifetime achievement award! You have done so much to keep his name and music public and you deserve the thanks of every fan.

Mike Freda compiled a very detailed discography on Eddy.  His book, "Eddy Arnold Discography 1944-1996" is available at you local book store and on the internet at Amazon.com and other sites.  Bill Comer

Mike Freda - April 13, 2000
Favorite Country Artist?: Eddy Arnold
Rate this site?: Second To None
Bill, you've done it again with the Jerry Purcell interview. You have put together in one spot a valuable tool and source of knowledge for the world to use and to enjoy. Your site just keeps on getting better and better. Your enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring and you remind us every day how much Eddy Arnold means to us.

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