Dr. Don Cusic - August 27, 1999
City and State: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite Country Artist?: Eddy Arnold!
Rate this site?: A plus!
When Eddy Arnold began his career, recordings were made direct to disk--and there were no country radio stations. You could hardly find country records (which were 78s) and there was no television. It is wonderful to note that Eddy Arnold has now seen not only tape recording, country radio, television, country music on television and a host of other changes as well as the digital revolution. I'm sure Mr. Arnold never dreamed there would even be an "internet," much less that he would be on it! Congratulation to Bill Comer for providing this wonderful, valuable service. I love it!

Dr. Don Cusic is a Professor at Belmont University in Nashville. He is the author of the excellent biography "Eddy Arnold, I'll Hold You In My Heart."  This book is available on and other internet sites or at your local book store.  Bill Comer

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